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The Falls at Tivoli

Artist: Claude Joseph Vernet (1714-1789)
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 39 ¼ x 55 ½ inches
Date: ca. 1740 - 1750
Provenance: John Palmer, New Haven, Connecticut Private collection, Connecticut


Information:Claude Joseph Vernet did several views of the Falls at Tivoli incorporating various structures from antiquity, depending on the request of his patrons. Our view, in the upper left quadrant shows the rectangular Temple of the Sybil part of the ancient Roman acropolis, traditionally believed to be the site of the Tiburtine Sybil. The alternate structure which occupies this promontory in other versions of this composition by Vernet is the circular Temple of Vesta. To the right of this focal promontory stretches the Villa of Maecenas with its multiple arches. From this situation Grand Tourists enjoyed a view of the Villa Gregoriana and the Cascades located just underneath the Ponte Gregoriano.

One of Vernet’s most successful compositions, autograph replicas survive today at the Dayton Art Institute, the Birmingham Alabama Museum of Art and in the Dutch Royal Collection at the Mauritshaus, The Hague. Vernet’s views were so in demand during the Rococo period that copies were painted in reverse from prints made after Vernet’s original composition. Our version, in extremely fine condition, is slightly larger than most of Vernet’s renderings incorporating a passage of sky above the trees on the right not present in the other versions suggesting this is the primary version of this composition

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